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Lorena Delgado

Lorena Delgado is CEO of the sustainable fashion company Chic to Wear. Since 2014, Lorena has been a digital personal stylist to uprising women. Most recently, she has been able to add one-on-one personal styling services to clients. Lorena loves empowering women with the perfect outfit as a tool to help boost confidence and self-esteem.

As an ambassador for the first international women’s co-working space, Hera Hub, she empowers future and current business women by helping them grow and develop their small business. Outside of work, she enjoys calligraphy, hiking, reading, and charity work. Before Chic to Wear, Lorena has worked in non-profits that supported low-income families and those who struggle with medical disabilities.

After her work in the non-profit sector, she began selling clothes on social fashion platform, Poshmark. After becoming one of the top sellers on Poshmark, she founded Chic to Wear. In 2018 she enlisted her company in an accelerator called Hera Labs Launch Intensive Business in San Diego, California.

Company Overview:

Chic to Wear is one of the top 15 most followed closets on Poshmark. With over 700,000 followers, the company has landed into the top 10 percent of sellers on the platform. With over 2000 items sold on Poshmark, Chic to Wear founder Lorena Delgado has become an influencer on the hottest social fashion platform. This has led to her being one of the keynote speakers at the platform’s annual convention Poshfest Dallas 2018. The company’s goal is to disrupt the fashion industry by introducing sustainable practices to consumers and support advocacy for women.

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  • Outfit Creation
  • Event
  • Executive Entrepreneur
  • Personal

Closet Purge

  • Eliminate unwanted clothing
  • Keep clothing that works in season and style
  • Lorena can transport unwanted clothing to charity with tax deductible receipt

Personal Shopping

  • Shop together to create the perfect outfit or wardrobe
  • Lorena can personally shop and bring purchases to you
  • New and sustainable fashion options


  • Guide and navigation help
  • Learn rules and guidelines in a simple approach
  • Closet and listing consultations
  • Answer your questions

Fashion Resale

  • Interested in being part of the fashion reseller revolution, Lorena can help!
  • Coaching
  • Lorena can teach you how to shop for pieces with great resale value

Chic to Wear

  • Thrift Stores
  • Consignment Stores
  • All second hand Stores

Customer Reviews


Ahhhhhh Purchase! WOW These are gorgeous! I am so exited to war these! Thank you for accepting my offer and shipping



Love! A bit more stiff then i expected but will get good use out of them



Thank you for my bundle and fast shipping. The belt and bag are perfect love them!!



Thank You! 🙂


Closet Items


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